Common Sense. Conservative Solutions.

  • Vote for Kerry & Tell Washington YOU Control Who Represents YOU - Not the Big Money D.C. Insiders Trying to Buy His Competitors
  • Jobs, Jobs, Jobs - Through Lower Taxes, Reduced Regulation, and Less Government Spending
  • Protect Life - It Begins at Conception!
  • The 2nd Amendment is the Citizen's Check & Balance Against Government Tyranny
  • A Constitutional Originalist
Kerry Wolff

Washington is currently overrun by an elite political class who is more interested in fighting each other in a scorched-earth battle for control, rather than doing what's right or representing the best interests of their constituents back home. I'll go to Washington to represent you, not the establishment.

Faithfully Representing Our Conservative Values.

  • Fight for a Smaller, Less Intrusive Government
  • Fight for Lower Taxes
  • Reduce the Deficit and Push a Balanced Budget Amendment
  • Fight for Life - Protect the unborn
  • Protect our 2nd Amendment Rights
  • Common Sense Immigration Reform through Secure Borders & Clear Paths to Citizenship
  • Repair our Healthcare System through Free Markets, not Socialism
  • Preserve Religious Liberties
  • Support Agriculture & Rural Communities

About Kerry

Growing up on a south central Illinois dairy & grain farm, Kerry learned early on about hard work, dedication to family, and service to community. He has been a servant to his communities throughout his life, and will continue that service by faithfully representing the conservative values of our region in Washington.

Kerry is a University of Illinois graduate with a diverse professional background spanning 19 years in Ag Business, 10 years in Financial Services, and most recently, 3 years providing Solar Power for farms, small businesses and families.

Kerry resides in Altamont, IL with his wife Gina and their 2 children, and is an active member of Immanuel Lutheran Church.

Credentials & Memberships

  • Vice President, Altamont Unit #10 School Board
  • Illinois Farm Bureau
  • National Rifle Association
  • Delegate to the Illinois Association of School Boards (IASB)
  • Altamont Lutheran School Endowment Committee
  • U.S. Holstein Association
  • Illinois Holstein Association
  • Certified Crop Advisor - American Society of Agronomy
  • American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners

Contact Kerry

For more information or to get involved.

    (618) 483-3263

    PO Box 185
    Altamont, IL 62411